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Effortless compliance management in a simple, team-friendly interface.
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CMMC Assessment Platform

The Only Compliance Assessment Tool You Need

To be clear, we're not suggesting you uninstall Word and Excel...
but you could if you wanted to.

Bring Your Team

Invite your compliance pals (or the sys admins trying to avoid you) to help tackle your assessment. They'll love you or hate you, but either way, you'll cut your assessment time in half by assigning tasks to individuals or groups.

Bring Their Team

Need to share your progress with a client or a third-party? Not to worry. You're in command of access control so granular you'll think you're at the beach. Give your client full access to your assessment responses and your auditor read-only access to your personnel list. And give the intern something to do... he's bored out of his mind.

Easy Button

It's waiting for you, desperate to be pressed. For too long it's sat ignored while you fight and struggle to paste assessment responses into oppressive spreadsheets and bulging Word docs. It knows the documentation requirements for your industry, and it wants to help.

User Your Interface

Our design guys think the interface is perfect. But they're not the ones using it everyday... you are. So drag that text field to the other side of the screen, hide the status indicator, or do the company a solid and slap your corporate logo front and center for all to see.

Centralize your Evidence

Keeping files organized and updated to support your compliance claims is harder than herding cats. Is everyone working from accuse_pol_v32_NA_SM_v.2a_Updated.doc
Tough to say.

Let's fix this by storing evidence with assessment responses and centralizing important compliance files in a team repository.

Encryption Everywhere

Yes, ComplyUp encrypts everything: data at rest, data in transit, all the usual suspects.
But wait, there's more!
All of your data is encrypted in your browser with a key you generate, keystroke by keystroke, before it's sent to the cloud.

We couldn't decrypt your data if we wanted to.

ATO on AWS Partner
ComplyUp is an official launch partner for the AWS partner program "ATO on AWS". ComplyUp’s Assessment Platform helps you bridge the documentation gap between your ATO on AWS deployment and your compliance documentation requirements. The Assessment Platform interface drives your team forward through each requirement, auto-generates all documentation, and allows you to share your ATO on AWS assessment with external service providers or auditors.
Amazon ATO Badge
The compliance platform built for your industry.
If you're sick of waiting 20 minutes for Excel to load or exhausted from searching through emails to find the latest version of your compliance documentation, ComplyUp is for you.
If you've had it with hounding coworkers for updates and copy/pasting their responses to the documentation format your regulator requires, ComplyUp is for you.
If you're tired of using only 5% of a massive compliance tool but paying for 100% of it, ComplyUp is for you.
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need a regulation that we don't cover?

Request a Regulation or Standard

We release assessment kits in order of request popularity (and we roll these things out fast).
Need something custom? Contact us directly for an interface tailored to your needs.

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