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Notice for Mac Users:
03/31/21: A recent Microsoft Word for Mac software update introduced a bug within Word that prevents images and other visual components from displaying properly in documents saved in a “Single File Web Page (.mht)” format.

ComplyUp uses this format to produce documents including System Security Plans. Mac users that have installed this Office update may experience issues loading ComplyUp documentation. This bug has been reported to Microsoft’s Office team, and we are anxiously awaiting an official patch.

Workaround: Open the document in Word on a Windows computer. Save a copy of the document using “Save As” and select “Word Document (.docx)” as the format. This new file will display properly using the latest version of Microsoft Word for Mac.

Bug POC: This bug can be replicated simply by creating a new Word document, inserting an image from file, saving the document in a “Single File Web Page (.mht)” format, and reopening the document in Word.

Versions affected: Confirmed in Microsoft Word for Mac v16.44, v16.45, v16.46, v16.47. Last known-good version: v16.43 (